A taste of late-night

Thanks to Michael Brunk, HERE, HERE and HERE are video clips of just a bit of last Saturday’s late-night improv w/ Turbo Turkey.

This is BAT’s first attempt at late-night comedy.  If you need a good laugh, show up at BAT’s pop-up theater at 14907 4th Ave SW in Burien at 11 pm on March 8, 15, or 22 and laugh ’til Midnight.  (If you haven’t already seen “Noises Off” come for the show stay for TT_20140301_14jpg-500x375the improv.)

Last Saturday, after “Noises Off” was hoot.  The hour flew by.

Here are some frequently asked questions about late-night improv:

“If I come to ‘Noises Off’ can I stay for late-night improv without paying more?”  Yes, late-night improv is strictly a pass-the-hat show.

“Can I go out for dinner and drinks on Saturday, and then come to late night improv?”  Yes you can.

“Can I stay at home on Saturday evening, and leave home just in time to make late-night improv?”  Yes, you can.

“Can my date and I come to late night improv, without coming to ‘Noises Off’ that night?”  You can, but why miss a full evening of laughs?

“If I don’t have a date, can I come to late-night improv?”  Yes you can.

“Can I meet my friends at late-night improve?”  Yes you can.

“If I come to late-night improv, will I laugh?”  Yes you will.

“Can I go out for drinks, then come to late-night improv, and go back to a bar after the show?  Why, yes you can.  After Midnight one of the bars that is still open, often with its kitchen still open, is BAT’s sponsor, the Mark Restaurant and Bar.  (Sadly, because of the move to a temporary space BAT’s liquor license does not apply to 14907 4th Ave SW.  When BAT gets back home, you could get a drink at BAT’s concessions!)

“Is BAT’s concessions open before late-night improv?”  Why, yes it is.

“If I am under 21 can I come to late-night improv?”  Yes you can.

If I am over 21 can I come to late-night improv?” Yes you can.

If I come to late-night improv, is it alright if I sleep in on Sunday?”  Why, yes it is.

“If I missed the first late-night improv, will I ‘get’ the next late-night improv?”  Yes, you will.  See one performance, see all 4, either way you will laugh, laugh, laugh.

“Does Turbo Turkey do more than improv?”  Yes it does, Turbo Turkey also does sketch comedy, and you may see some of that during the upcoming Saturdays.

“I have never seen improv live.  Is there some television show that has improv in it?”  Yes, think “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”  http://whoselineonline.org   or “Saturday Night Live” for sketch comedy.

“If I come to late-night improv and do not laugh, is there something wrong with me?”  Why, yes there is.  (BAT is not a licensed phycologist or psychiatrist; however, if you last an hour of late-night improv without laughing, see your health care provider immediately, as it may be a sign of a broken funny bone.)

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