Henry Hart passes.

The one time president of the Board at BAT, actor, director and all around theater supporter and participant, Henry Hart (Hartog) passed away in the early morning Monday, March 31, 2014.

Henry Hart 2013

Henry Hart 2013

There is no doubt that without Henry, BLT, now BAT, would have gone dark long ago.  Henry lead the theater and then after he left and saw the theater struggling, Henry was key in bringing in many of those now involved with the theater.

The stage is a darker place without the bright light that was Henry Hart.  BAT will keep a spacial ghost light lit for Henry for the next 30 days.

Henry was last seen on BAT’s stage as the lead in “Visiting Mr. Green.”  A show he had wanted to be in for some time.  For Henry the curtain never goes down, just the venue changes.  Henry, break a leg and god bless.

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