Thanks for “Noises Off”

BAT (Burien Actors Theatre) just completed its five week run of “Noises Off” at the old noises-web-artStaples space in Burien.  BAT moved to that location following the fire at its home theater space.  It just goes to show, if you give art a chance, it will happen wherever.

BAT’s old theater space is being rebuilt.  Thanks to the City of Burien.  Thanks too to the City for granting BAT a permit to use the old Staples space.

Big thanks also go to BAT’s audience, both new and old, who followed BAT to its temporary space to enjoy “Noises Off.”  The show was a great success.  Audiences loved it.  There is a very good reason why “Noises Off” is called one of the funniest scripts ever written, and BAT’s production highlighted all of the laughs.  Thank you, thank, thank you.

BAT’s audience is sole the reason to put on a show.  Without you, there would be no reason to produce better live theater.  BAT draws its strength from its audience.  Thanks to all who came to see “Noises Off.”

BAT’s donors made it possible for BAT to move into a space which was much more expensive than BAT’s normal rent.  (Retail space does not come cheap, at least not from non-profit standards.)  Join BAT’s donors by donating online HERE.  Check out some of BAT’s current donors HERE.

Once again BAT’s volunteers stepped up and made the production possible.  This time not only did they help with the building, and front of house, but they came and cleaned the old Staples space before BAT moved in.  BAT got the keys to the old staples space just two weeks before “Noises Off” opened.  BAT’s volunteers swarmed in and made the place livable.  Hat tip to each and every volunteer.

New for “Noises Off,” BAT joined with Turbo Turkey to provide some late-night fun in TT_20140301_14jpg-500x375Burien.  From 11 to Midnight, on Saturday nights, BAT presented improv.  It was one laugh after another.  It was so successful that BAT is considering bringing Turbo Turkey back on Saturday nights during the BAT’s next production “End Days.”  (It is always good to have a late-night laugh in Burien.)  “End Days” is in rehearsal now and opens on May 9, 2014.

Thanks to one and all who made “Noises Off” such a success!

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