Weekend 2 of “Noises Off”

The second weekend of “Noises Off” is past.  (Shows are Friday and Saturday at 8 and noises-web-artSunday at 2 at 14907 4th Avenue SW in Burien.)  The second week of a run is always interesting.  Opening weekend everyone is tired, having worked hard to get the show up and ready to open.

Theater is one of the very few jobs where you simply cannot get an extension.  The show opens on the day it opens.  There is no “give.”

Opening weekend everyone’s adrenaline is working overtime.  That is part of why BAT has date night (2-for-1 tickets) and $7-Sunday in the first weekend.  Big crowds help keep the actors and crew on their toes.

By the second weekend everyone, hopefully, has had a chance to rest a bit.  The show begins to take on the rhythm it will have for the rest of the run.  Hopefully all of the bugs have been worked out.  Luckily, with “Noises Off” there were very few bugs from opening weekend to work out.

All in all, from now on this show will be consistent every night.  Having said that, this is live theater and no two shows are ever exactly alike.  You, the audience, change the show.  Your energy becomes the actors’ energy, as we all go on the wild ride that is “Noises Off.”

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