‘End Days” is up, BAT is back

Because of all of you, BAT is back home.  Thanks to all who helped get BAT here. red_fireworks_193090

“End Days” opened on May 9th.  Paint was still wet and there are still unopened boxes in the back of the theater.  But the tech and show are great.

When I moved last time, it took me more than a year to get unpacked.  Not so with BAT.  This Summer BAT will get everything back into place, and more.

BAT received a grant of $25,000 from 4Culture (thank you!) to upgrade some equipment, and most importantly to help improve the sound quality of the BAT theater space.  BAT is trying hard to double the grant so it can make some real changes to the space.

If you can, please donate.  BAT could sure use another $25,000.  Help your favorite theater space get even better.  BAT does not want you to miss a single word.  Donate ONLINE or by mail: BAT, PO Box 48121, Burien, WA 98148.  (If it’s $2 or $25,000, you will make a difference.)

BAT just made it home in time for “End Days,” so there was no time for a real celebration. Once the rest of the work is done this Summer, there will be a grand reopening of the space, with a ribbon cutting, party and a wild start to BAT’s 35th season!  As it turns out “End Days” is just the beginning of another 35 years of better live theater in Burien!

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