Ode to a liquor license

BAT is back home.  It feels good.  Another good thing is that BAT can use its liquor license again.  While BAT was homeless, BAT could not have a bar.

CIMG0815As you know, BAT makes unique cocktails for every show.  For “End Days” there is a Black Hole (it will suck you in) and The Rapture (the last dink you’ll need on earth).  These are a steal at just $6 each.  Plus there is beer and wine.  While not everyone drinks, nor should everyone, for those who do, its a nice addition to better live theater.

BAT works hard to make everyone welcome.  If you would like a cocktail, BAT is here to serve.  There is also coffee, tea, pastries and candy.

Also, should you want to come to see Turbo Turkey or Poets With A Purpose, late night (10:30 to 11:30 pm) on Saturdays and Fridays feel free to show up early and have a drink, and snacks, in concessions before the show.  Have a leisurely dinner, then join BAT for desert and drinks.  Make a night of it.  Have fun, and stay a BAT-fan.

PS  In case you were wondering, BAT checked and its liquor license will not let it sell “special” brownies, now that such things are legal.  But you never know what the future will bring.

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