Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

It has been some time since I (“I” here being Craig, not Eric) cleared out the spam comments queue. I know that because there were over 1400 comments in the spam queue. “Spam”, for those who may not be aware, is a comment that is really advertising or pure nonsense having nothing to do with the article it was supposedly responding to. The BAT News Blog has a program called a “spam filter” that prevents that junk from being published. Needless to say, I didn’t look at every one of those comments to see if a real comment by one of our readers was caught in the spam filter.

If a comment you wrote has not appeared here in the last couple of months, that is the most likely reason. Please accept our apologies for the oversight. If you want to submit the comment again, please do so.

Afterword/Update: By way of example, in the three hours or so since this article was published, thirteen more “comments” have appeared in the spam queue. All were clearly spam.

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