First day of call backs for “Out of Sterno”

A little theater lingo: auditions are where actors come in with scenes they have bat-logo-banner-trans-940x198.pngprepared to show off their skills. Call backs are when those who made the first cut in the audition process are given bits of the script which they read and act out with other actors who also made the first cut.

At call backs for “Out of Sterno.” Call backs are one of the strangest places. People who have never met before, for the most part, work together to make a script they likely have not read through before, come life, while making themselves seem like the character they are reading for.

(It is a pet peeve of mine that many actors come to call backs without having read the script. BAT often does works in manuscript, before a show is published. In that case, there is little more leeway. But for a show like “Out of Sterno,” there is, in my mind, little reason to have not read the script before coming to call backs.  Luckily most all of the actors at this call back have read the script.)

The call back process is where the directors test different different actors together and look for chemistry. Often these people who just met have to act like people who have known each other for years, who have a romantic interest, or whatnot. This is not easy on the actors. It is also where the script first comes to real life for the directors. It is wonderful, if not a scary, process.

I loved “Out of Sterno” when I first read it. It only got better when I got the chance to hear skilled actors give it life. I am sure you will enjoy this comedic look at being female in our crazy world.

Coming in September at BAT!

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