“Out of Sterno” comes to BAT

Opening September 26, 2014, the comedy “Out of Sterno” by Deborah Zoe Laufer. web-art-Sterno(September 26 though October 19) Imagine “Alice in Wonderland” meets “Peewee Herman” as this play of self-discovery takes Dotty down the rabbit hole. In the seven seemingly perfect years Dotty has been married, she never left her apartment . . . but then she receives and mysterious phone call and her life is changed forever.



B-Town Blog review.

The Westside Weekly review.

Tickets are on sale now – CLICK HERE.

Special coupon for $5 off tickets at the B-Town Blog.

Also new for BAT’s 35th Season is a special discount rate for all students! Just $10! Wow.

Help BAT get this season going! Donate HERE. BAT has a matching grant through the end of “Out o f Sterno” Get twice the bang for your buck!

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