Allan composes for BAT

For “Out to Sterno” BAT is excited to work with the amazing composer Allan Loucks. Allan web-art-Sternocomposed the score for a number of shows at BAT. His work is amazing, and always adds a level of creativity that is unmatched to any show.

BAT first had the chance to work with Allan in “Dracula.” I still play that score on Halloween. While listening, chills run up and down my spine as I wait for the wee ones to take candy from a stranger.

For “Out of Sterno” Allan tried something a little different. Instead of composing a sound track for the show, he wrote the pre-show and intermission music. It is . . . . well let Allan explain:

For this production, the intent was to compose music that creates a quirky, up-beat, “where-did-that-come-from” mood, as well as provide references to many items in the script. Sort of a silly “prelude”, if you will.

The main motif consists of 4 ascending notes and 4 descending notes. This serves as a “basic-shape” for the entire score.

The music was inspired by the character “Dan,” who exists as several different personas in the story. The motif (AKA the basic-shape) is analogous to “Dan,” and the seemingly incompatible styles and passages are analogous to the various characters that he portrays.

I had a lot of fun composing this, as well as playing all the instruments.

I hope you get the same “kick” out of it. 🙂

-Allan Loucks


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