Sad, if true

Saw this online. It is one of those times you hope not everything you see on the internet is true. The story is the Balagan Theatre is dissolving. READ STORY HERE.

If true, and I hope it is not true, this is a sad day in the theater world. Theaters thrive and grow because there are other theaters doing good work. When you see a good show at another theater, it gets you to step up your game.

Over BAT’s 35 year history there have been ups and downs, not every show BAT has done sparkled. There was a sea change 8 to 10 years ago and since then BAT has constantly stepped up its game. Theaters like Balagan made stepping up the game essential to survive. Good actors like to work with good production companies. Audiences like good productions with good actors. It’s a no-brainer that to grow you need be be good. Balagan pushed us all to step up our games.

As I said, I hope it is not true that Balagan will dissolve, but if it is true, or not, the story is a reminder to support live theater in any way you can.

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