Try a Sterno or a Holy Moly

In concessions at “Out of Sterno” BAT is offering hard cider, light and dark beer. BAT is IMG_0154also excited to have two specialty cocktails for this show, a Sterno and a Holy Moly.

The Sterno is a wonderful blue color, but like its name sake, sterno, the drink is mostly alcohol. The Sterno has been a big seller on the opening weekend.  (Take a look at what comes up when you google “color of sterno.”

The Holy Moly is chocolate on top of chocolate with a little cream. If you like chocolate, you’ll love a Holy Moly.

If alcohol is not for you, BAT has coffee, tea, and pop, There are also cookies from a local shop and a wonderful assortment of candy.

Come early and relax in concessions until the show begins. Concessions is open an hour before the show.

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