BAT-free wifi

BAT is a wifi hot spot, we offer free wifi. We have for sometime. This weekend though BAT did a little upgrading.

BAT’s wifi was great in the office and in concessions, but touch-and-go in the theater. This made it tough when the audience wanted to tweet how great the performance was. (BAT is also looking at a wifi camera, to broadcast the show into concessions, if that isn’t above our pay grade.)IMG_0195

This weekend BAT put a strange little box in the theater (see photo, you can just make it out), and, low and behold, better wifi. Really, the box is a wifi booster. After a day of operation and a little tweaking, it looks like it’s a success.

Come see “Bob’s Holiday Office Party” (TICKETS) and between the laughs, login and tell your friends not to miss Bob’s party. More wifi means more fun!

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