Bob’s Party props

Designing properties (props) is great fun. (It can also be a frustrating search for the key item, or attempts and fails leading to the perfectly built prop.) Sometimes props is as simple as pulling what you need from BAT’s stock or finding what you need at a store/thrift shop. Other times, it is as complex as designing items from scratch, like Cyndi and her team did for the all female “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

One of the prop questions in “Bob’s Holiday Office Party” is to get cans of beer to be only partially full, yet open with that great pffft.

BAT’s skilled team of props masters, with Cyndi in the lead, appears to have conquered IMG_0191-1that problem. The cans are carefully drained to the right level. Then the pin holes are sealed with hot glue. Just before the performance, they are gently shaken to release a little more CO2. If all works like it has in pre-production, when the can is opened – pffft. Way cool.

Opening the cans live is much more satisfying than trying to use a sound effect. No speaker would be in the right place all of time. Timing would be a nightly challenge, and if speakers are not put in the right place(s) backstage, the sound would come from the “wrong” place. The can opening sound coming out of BAT’s main speakers would just not be right.

When you come to see “Bob’s Holiday Office Party” – TICKETS – listen for the beer can openings. (If you can hear them over the audience laughter.) Let BAT know what you think.

A very special hat tip to Anheuser Busch who has made “test cans” available at a very reasonable rate.

Here are a few more of the props in the works for Bob’s party. Cyndi and her team are geniuses.


That special Holiday chocolate cake

IMAG0768 (1)

You may just have to come to Bob’s Party to appreciate this one


Cocktail wieners?


What would the Holidays be without and angel?

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