Dry tech

This morning was dry tech for “Bob’s Holiday Office Party.” Then wet tech. So what is the difference?

Dry tech is where the designers and the stage manager go through all of the cues, and they agree where each cue will start and end during the show. Sometimes it is choosing the right word IMG_20141122_173126993-2for the cue to start. Other times, it is agreeing on what motion will happen to trigger the cue. This is also when all the issues about missed or added cues are worked out.

Hopefully, by now, the sound cues and light cues are all written, and ready to go. Sound levels are typically set between dry and wet tech. Other times levels are set during cue-to-cue, also called wet tech.

Up until dry tech, the designers have been working pretty much on their own. This is the first time everything comes together.

There are no actors at dry tech. The actors arrive in time for wet tech. Actors hate wet tech. Lots of time standing around while details and levels are worked out. Plus the actors do not get to run the whole show. They just run the parts where there are cues. Sometimes over and over until the cue is right.

The actors have had weeks to get their parts down. The tech crew has just a week to learn their part.  Tech went well.

Don’t miss this Bob’s Holiday Office Party (TICKETS). It opens the day after Thanksgiving.

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