I didn’t like your show.

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I have not been at BAT for 35 years, but for a number of years I have been at the BAT email address [email protected], fielding questions and comments.

About 8 years ago, when BAT started its current revival and joined at least the 20th question-mark-red22century by building a website, the emails started to come. (Check out show photos from prior seasons.) Back then, BAT was just returning to its roots by producing shows that were outside the traditional suburban fare. (Suburban fringe theater, if you will.) BAT loves to produce the fantastical.

One of the early shows in this renaissance was “Dracula” by Steven Dietz. During the run, BAT got emails saying BAT was devil worshiping. Of course, the email authors had not been to the show. Oddly enough, “Goat-man,” a clear satanic reference in “Reefer Madness” got no comments.

BAT’s “Lysistrata,” a story about the women of Athens and Sparta withholding sex to end a war, got emails, not because of its anti-war message, but because it talked about sex. Really, a story about withholding sex to end war mentioned sex? BAT set “Lysistrata” in the 1950s just for fun.

Over the years, there have been so many more comments; however, the emails have dropped off since those early years. Nevertheless, looking back, not a single show BAT has produced did not get at least one email from someone complaining about the content of the show.

No one has complained about the production values, the actors or directing, just about the content of the show.

Most all of the complaints have come from people who self-identify as having not seen the production, but they know that if they had seen the show they would not like it because [fill in your favorite reference]. Of the few complaints that come from people who actually saw a production they almost always take the form, “My [minister, wife, husband, neighbor] was [embarrassed, shocked, bothered] by the [satan worship, pro-religion, anti-religion, pro-gay, pro-woman, pro-worker or any other list of social issues] in your show. I will be back to see more of your productions, but I am not sure my [fill in the relationship] will be back.”

So what does BAT think of this feedback? BAT loves it! Please write in. Tell us what you think. Become involved. If you don’t like something (or think you would not like it if you actually saw it) please let BAT know. If you liked something or someone, please let BAT know. Either way, BAT loves to hear from you. (BAT has improved the free wi-fi in the the theater, if you can’t wait to get home, use the wi-fi to email us from your seat!)

Theater is not about actors on stage, it is about engaging everyone in the hall. If your engagement includes a comment to BAT, please send it. You can reach us at [email protected]

Do you have a script you have always wanted to see on stage. Let BAT know. BAT reads many many scripts to pick a season. While we cannot say BAT will produce the show you suggest, if we can find a copy, we will read your suggestion.

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