If props could talk

On the set of “Bob’s Holiday Office Party” (TICKETS), there is a classic Macintosh SE / FD IMG_0219HD. What a great piece of nostalgia.

There is a bit of a sordid tale of how BAT got this gem. At BAT we are always on the lookout for items that might make good props. This is especially true of items that speak to an age. For example, BAT has an old washing machine with hand rollers, and BAT collects cell phones and dial phones. (BAT would love a candlestick phone, as a Holiday gift.)

One day, while at an electronic recycling event I saw in the dumpster an Apple Macintosh SE. As I eyed the Macintosh an official gently told me to step away from the dumpster. There were too many people around to put up a fuss.

A few hours later I returned. No official looking people around. Although I could no longer see the Macintosh, I did the only thing a theater person in search a prop would do, I dove into the dumpster. I dug a bit, and found the charmed Macintosh.

As I was digging around a person came by to drop off a computer for recycling. He asked, “You know you are supposed to drop stuff off here, not take it, right?” Without hesitating I said, “Look at the great prop!” That comment was greeted with a puzzled expression and a shake of the head.

I climbed out of the dumpster and took the Macintosh to storage until the statute of limitations passed.

Come take a break during the Holidays while you watch “Bob’s Holiday Office Party,” and see BAT’s Macintosh’s stage debut. Check it out before the show starts, because once the guest begin to arrive to the party you will be laughing so hard it will be hard to see.

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