Elephant in the room

There is a reason why BAT is holding three fundraisers in December, while it also has bat-logo-banner-trans-940x198.pngBob’s Holiday Office Party” on the main stage. Like every small theater, it is impossible for BAT to cover its expenses through ticket sales.

BAT’s work is well worth over $200 per seat, but that is out of range of many who now come and see better live theater at BAT. Art should not only be for those who can afford $200 plus tickets. Theater should be for everyone: a way to grow and support Burien. That philosophy is why BAT has not raised ticket prices in over 5 years, and why $7 Sunday (the first Sunday of the run) has become a tradition at BAT.

But you cannot go to see small theater without understanding what this articles says. “Nonprofit theatres all over the country are in trouble.” Small theaters like BAT need your support.

As the article says:

“The first few steps are easy:

Go see a show. Pay for your ticket. If you ask for a comp, be cognizant of what you’re asking for, and offer to come on an off night while making it clear that you’re fine with being told no. Talk about that show on social media. Check in at the theatre. Tell your friends. BRING your friends.”

Add to that coming to one or more of BAT’s December fund raisers and give, if you can. Be it $2 or $20,000, your gift changes everything. – December 10, Fire Watch 2014; December 16, screenings of the Maury Island Incident; December 17, Holiday Concert with the Northwest Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet or donate online.

The rest of the steps are harder. But let’s start with the easy steps and then start a conversation about how BAT and Burien can thrive.

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