Tipping the Tip Toppers

Talking to the Tip Toppers after they finished their run at the “Tip Top Lounge” as part of

Allan Loucks on keys Dan Seese on percussion

Allan Loucks on keys
Dan Seese on percussion

“Bob’s Holiday Office Party” on Sunday. (It was the first time BAT had live pre-show, intermission and post-show music. Thanks to Tip and Top.)

The Tip Toppers (who is Tip and who is Top still eludes me) started getting more and more tips as the weeks progressed. So, I asked why?

What they said is when they played more traditional Holiday tunes the tip jar over-flowed. When they played more modern Holiday pieces the tip jar slowly filled. When the abandoned Holiday tunes all together, the tip jar went wanting.

What does this say about BAT’s audience? The Tip Toppers? Or the power of Holiday music to cause one to tip? BAT does not have those answers, but keep this random real life study in mind when you walk into an establishment with traditional Holiday music playing.


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