Thank you 4Culture

BAT is happy to announce that it once again was awarded a sustaining grant from search4Culture. The wonder of this type of grant is that the funds may be spent on any project BAT is working on. The funds are not limited to say new equipment. (New equipment grants are nice, but sometimes it is good to have funds that can go where BAT needs them right now.)

As 4Culture put it:

“Your award is the result of a highly competitive process. This year’s adjudication panel considered funding for many worthy organizations. They awarded funds based on a number of criteria specific to the program. We applaud you for being part of this successful group.”

No, no, BAT applauds 4Culture for its assistance in making better live theater possible. Without the kindness of organizations like 4Culture and BAT’s many individual donors, BAT could not produce high quality theater.

BAT is half way though its 2014-15 season. We are looking at shows for next season. The cost of production always plays a big part of those discussions. If you can, please financially support BAT, and become part of making better live theater. DONATE

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