Seats, seats, wonderful seats

It looks like BAT will be getting “new” seats this Summer. Thanks to a deal with 4-Culture FullSizeRender-2 a big theater is getting new seats and they offered 100 of their existing seats to BAT. A win-win.

No deal is done until the truck is offloaded, but it looks good.

This means BAT has the chance to pass on the kindness. BAT is looking for home for its existing seats. 45 to 50 of them are fairly new, the remaining 45 to 50 are older, but not in bad shape. (BAT has repeatedly cleaned its seats, and took care of them.)

FullSizeRender-3BAT would like to find another theater to give its current seats to. So, let BAT know if BAT’s current seats may work for you or a theater you know. The seats should be available in early to mid-July.

More as things come together, but look forward to new seats next season!FullSizeRender-4

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