BAT on the 4th

Once again, BAT will be in the Burien 4th of July Parade. BAT has been in the parade many many times before. It is a time to say, “Hi,” to our BAT fans. BAT also passes out Photo by Michael Brunk / nwlens.comseason flyers and candy. Generally, a good time is had by all.

This will be the 94th Burien 4th of July Parade. B-Town Blog coverage of the 93rd Parade.

Every year BAT has a car in the parade where we keep extra flyers, candy and water for the BAT-team. Once the car was even used as emergency transportation when one of the BAT-team twisted and ankle. She road the rest of the parade route doing the princess wave.

The year BAT’s car will be a blue 2015 Tesla Model S. One more example of BAT going green.

Funny story: The year was 2008. BAT was getting ready to produce “The Rockey Horror Show.” BAT looked to the parade to help get the word out. It was feather boas all-around. BAT’s fearless artistic director donned a boa and high heals and took to the street for the two mile walk with the rest of the BAT-team. Oddly, his picture from the parade took on a life of it’s own. Even now, many years later, it pops up from time to time. My, there it is

Then Governor Gregoire was in the Burien Parade that year. She made a point of coming up to BAT’s artistic director to ask if she could count on his support. There is a punch line in there somewhere.

Come join BAT at this year’s Burien 4th of July Parade and see what wondrous things happen.

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