Sofas new for old


BAT’s new sofa

Look at what BAT just got! A very kind donor gave BAT a “new” sofa. It is a sofa she grew up with, but it “had to go.”

What makes this sofa so much fun is that it is perfect for October’s comedy musical “The Addams Family.”

BAT has a small storage space it rents to hold on to pieces that will likely be used in a show and that are hard to find. In this case BAT’s new sofa will be stored in its concessions room and BAT’s old sofa will be moved to storage. BAT will keep the old sofa in storage to use in period shows where

BAT's old sofa

BAT’s old sofa

there is plenty of blood. (Blood stains the fabric. Even after a deep cleaning you can still see blood on the old sofa from “Dracula” and “Refer Madness.”)

If you have an interesting piece of furniture, or hand prop, that you would like to give away, let BAT know. It may be just what we are looking for! And because BAT is a 501(c)(3), any donation to BAT is tax deductible. A win-win! (For example, BAT is always looking for used cell phones, they change so often that having the right one for each period is a challenge.)

Don’t miss “Electric Man” June 12, 13, 14 (matinee), 19, and 20. ONLINE TICKETS. BAT is air-conditioned, so stop by for “Electric Man” and chill.

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