Why craft services?

So, what is it with film, television or video and craft services?

FullSizeRender-10In the last two weeks BAT has had two shoots at its space. BAT is busy helping Burien’s Film Department (even if they don’t know it) get Burien on the film-maker’s map. Whenever it can, BAT helps other arts organizations, including films. It is especially fun when we can help in our space!

Like everyone BAT likes to be in pictures. Look for us in the credits!

BAT has been promised stills from the shoot, and when they come in, we’ll post about the shoot. But now for an important issue. Why is craft services such an integral part of film and video shoots, but not not so much in theater?

I showed up at 8 am, unlocked the doors and the first thing in the door was coffee, donuts FullSizeRender-8and then more substantive food: lunch and more. Right after the food, in came the actors. As you can see they went right for the food. It is part of the film culture. But why?

During the day I had a chance to talk to the producer. Like BAT, the video can only afford to pay its actors and crew a small stipend. (Your donations help BAT pay its actors and crew.) But unlike at BAT, food flows like water at the shoots.

From what I have seen, most of the food in craft services is purchased locally. Money into the local economy. A win for Burien.

So what is the connection between film and video and food? Are the actors and crew sin-eaters? Or what?

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