Why “Electric Man”

11149582_10153030652568565_2415864931477341443_nBAT is pleased to be helping Turbo Turkey produce “Electric Man.” BAT and Turbo Turkey have been working together for some time now. It all started with Turbo Turkey performing late-night after some of BAT’s shows. Things have grown from there.

When Adam came to BAT and open discussions about BAT presenting Turbo Turkey’s first full length play (scripted skit), BAT was interested. Turbo Turkey’s request fit with BAT’s mission to assist Puget Sound arts organizations, when possible. (BAT has been helping theaters and movie and video producers for a while now.)

“Elecrtic Man” has been a very collaborative effort. Turbo Turkey did a share of the work, and BAT was there with technical, design other help when needed.

It is a show well worth seeing. There as still 5 performances of “Electric Man” left. June 13, 14, 19 and 20. TICKETS.

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