BAT gets air (again)

2015-07-18 12.10.00BAT has air conditioning! Well, BAT has always had air condition in its theater space. It is nice on these hot spring and summer days. But now BAT has air conditioning in concessions. Before BAT had to open the doors once the weather started to cool to keep concessions cool. This was tough during those hot summer rehearsals that take place in the concessions room.

Thanks to a very kind donor, BAT now has a portable air conditioner in concessions. (I should say BAT loves each and every one of its donors. Whether they can give a dollar or many many dollars, you would not be able to see better live theater without them!!!)

2015-07-18 12.09.41To be totally frank, the little guy cannot overcome a day in the 90s. Its cooler, but not cool. But against the high 70s and low-to-mid 80s the air conditioner makes a really big difference.

As BAT begins rehearsals for the musical comedy “The Addams Family,” BAT’s actors will be very happy for the portable air conditioner. (You can get your TICKETS for “The Addams Family” HERE.)

BAT is located in a retired school building with cinderblock walls and single pane windows. When the outside walls heat up, it is a big job to lower the temperature inside. Even with a big job to do, BAT’s new air conditioner is taking on the challenge.

When you come and see BAT’s very own Seattle Playwrights Studio’s Showcase on July 24, 25, and 26, (TICKETS) you’ll enjoy BAT’s new air conditioner too.

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