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BAT had another movie, well a web series, shoot at BAT’s space. BAT is doing what it can to put Burien on the film map. (At the request of the series, I can’t show very many photos of the shoot, certainly none that gives away any of the shoot.)

What a film shoot means to BAT is that I had to be at the theater by 7 am. That may not FullSizeRender-18sound like much, but when you do very much live theater, it is easier to be up past 3 am than it is to be up and moving by 7 am.

Every time BAT has a film shoot at its space I am taken by the differences between live theater and film. In this shoot in particular, there were over 150 extras. Theater does not typically use extras. An extra is someone who shows up to be in the crowd. No lines, but a face in the crowd.

Plus with film there is always craft services. That is, food and drink for everyone. This time, close to $1,100 was spent at local stores to feed the masses. Theater does not typically feed the cast every time we meet.

FullSizeRender-19Unlike live theater, in film there is very little rehearsal before the shoot. This is, no doubt, because in film you can stop and re-shoot a scene, which happens quite often. Not so with live theater. Once the curtain goes up. The play goes on. No stops. No do-overs.

Theater rehearses for weeks, not hours.

For at least the last 3 film shoots at BAT, there has been very little in the way of sets. BAT was chosen as the “location.” So there was little need to change anything. For film the locations change and not the sets. For theater, the sets change, but the space (the physical location) does not. Theater takes the audience places without leaving the theater. So, for live theater, there is almost always a set.

Here at BAT, it is a strange feeling to have our seats full of extras rather than patrons. FullSizeRender-20Theater lives on the energy the audience gives, while film generates its energy from some other place.

All in all, BAT is very happy to once again help put Burien on the film map. But we wish the start time was more reasonable for those of us who do live theater.

(I am sure these photos don’t give anything away.)



Updated to increase the amount spent for craft services to include the cost of lunch for 150, ordered from a local pizza parlor.

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