New seats, phase 1

Thanks to the Maydenbauer Center and 4Culture, BAT is getting “new” seats. By that we 2015-07-13 10.49.41 mean that BAT is getting the old seats from the Maydenbauer Center.

This process started when the Maydenbauer decided to remodel. While we don’t know for sure, but it appears that 4Culture is providing at least some of the funding for the remodel. We believe that because early on 4Culture contacted BAT to let us know some seats were going to come available.

BAT and the Maydenbauer then began talking. BAT went up to look at the seats, and yes they are in much better condition than BAT’s current seats. Then there was measuring and deciding if it was worth the effort to replace BAT’s seats. BAT was going to get the seats for “free”, but not the labor to dismantle, move or install the seats. The cost of all that would have to come from BAT. Just getting the seats from the Maydenbauer and into storage was over a 12 hour day.

2015-07-13 10.49.51We talked to Albie Clamenti, BAT’s resident set designer, and decided that if BAT took the seats it should also re-carpet and re-deck the seating risers. If we were going to do that much work, we should also repaint the risers. After making those decisions the seat project began.

Next, BAT’s staff (Maggie and I) met with BAT’s Board of Trustees and explained the projected costs and the time it would take to upgrade the seating. The Trustees gave the go ahead. The the project was on.

On Monday, July 13, 2015, the seats had been removed 2015-07-13 10.49.56from the Maydenbauer floor and were on their stage. Together with folks from TPS (another theater getting seats) BAT went about dismantling the seats. A big shout out to John Flynn who joined Maggie and Eric for the Maydenbauer part of project. John worked about 8 hours with us. John can be seen in some of the photos. LINK TO PHOTOS. Also helping for awhile was Scott Gifford. Near the end of that part of the project Stevie VanBronkhorst came to help. Stevie also helped with offload. Scott and Stevie can also be seen in the photos.

Once dismantled, BAT loaded the seats, backs and stanchion into a rented truck. Then down to storage. BAT does not have room in the theater for the seats as the rehearsal room will soon be 2015-07-13 13.15.19used for “The Addams Family” rehearsals and the theater who shares BAT’s space is using the theater space for rehearsals so BAT must rent a storage space until the seats can be installed.

At the offload, BAT was joined by Steve Feldman and Deb Brandt. They are also in the photos.

All the parts are now waiting in storage for phase 2. Soon, BAT will be stripping the old seats and carpet. Then repairing the risers, new paint, carpet and new seats. Hopefully all completed before “The Addams Family” in October. TICKETS

How can you help? Even though the seats were “free” there is hardware, wood, paint and many other things to buy. Plus there are hours and hours of work in front of BAT to make your sitting even better. Your tax deductible donation will help create not only better live theater, but better sitting too. If you can, PLEASE DONATE – CLICK HERE.

Phase 1 is complete. Now onto phase 2!

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