BAT seats with lights

BAT is working on its new seats. This is a huge project for BAT. BAT has been blessed with FullSizeRender-25great people to help make the new seats happen. I would like to focus on one of those people Rainey, she is a licensed electrician and a wonderful person.

BAT used to put a string of blue Christmas lights on the steps on its seating units. They worked to provide some light during the production, but they were less than perfect. BAT’s new seats have lights build into the seats at the end of every row.

FullSizeRender-26Wiring these would be no big deal, but BAT’s seating units are on wheel and they move. BAT moves these seats around for different shows. The seating units have to be able to come apart between the performances. Wiring is no small feat.

Rainey is all over the problem and has figured out how to wire the lights to be both safe and useful. Now to decide what color the light should be.

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