More on BAT seats

BAT is beginning phase 2 of the seat replacement. BAT is working hard to make it softer for your behind.

IMAG5058Here, BAT is taking a look at what is needed for the seat replacement. To do that, Albie took apart one of the current seating units. He took the seats off, stripped the carpet and took off the decking. It turns out most of that was just hard work. However, the decking was glued down to the framework, which is a good idea, and it kept the decking from squeaking all these years, but it makes removal very difficult.

So, BAT is rethinking its game plan about the decking removal.IMAG5059

Albie has also come up with a plan that will allow BAT to configure its seat in yet another way. Not a huge change, but one that will be useful as we go forward.

There is still time to DONATE to help defray the costs of this major seating upgrade. CLICK HERE TO DONATE ONLINE. (Yes, your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.)

FullSizeRender-24Next up is measuring BAT’s carpet and drawing up the plans for the upgrade. This should all be done in time for then musical comedy “The Addams Family.” TICKETS HERE.

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