BAT’s Bar – an Adult and a Secret

For every show BAT creates a pair of specially drinks, to go with its supply of beer and IMG_0279wine. Concocting these drinks is part of the fun of having a liquor license. Typically one drink is on the sweet side and one is on the sour side.

For The Addams Family, BAT decided the drink, like the Addams Family TV show, should be black and a white. Hey, you have to start somewhere.

The white drink, the Adult Wednesday, was not too hard. Start with RumChata, add some Creme de Cacao and end with gin. Yummy.

But a black drink. Start with black vodka add . . . . . . Wait, black vodka? Such a thing is out there. It is called Blavod. Now to find it.

BAT checked 10 liquor stores, and online. Some said it was coming by Halloween, others just looked blankly. BAT did find Absolute 100, black. It is called black, but the liquor itself is actually clear, it is just the bottle that is black. Sigh.IMG_0545

The game was afoot. BAT went so far as to make its own black vodka, just in case. It’s not all that bad either. But in theater, the search for a prop is not over until the full-dress rehearsal.

An email to the Blavod folks in England, produced the local distributor and a phone number. A few days of leaving messages produced a bottle of Blavod. Blavod IMG_0548will be in the stores in just a few weeks, but BAT scored a bottle in time for opening – just.

To make a Gomez’ Secret start with black vodka, add cranberry juice, vanilla and a dash of bitters. Oh my, that is good.

When you come to The Addams Family (TICKETS), if you imbibe, be sure to try either an Adult Wednesday or a Gomez’ Secret.

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