Your donation dollars at work

At BAT, whenever we can, we upgrade equipment. Today, as we were getting ready to tech A Christmas Twist, BAT installed new work lights.

Yes the scoops from the 1970s, were replaced with LED work lights (which were on sale). IMG_0576-1Looking at the stage, there is a good 75% more light. BAT is using about 65% less power, too. Oddly, for me because I have done years of light design, the color temperature of the new work lights is also higher. In this case, the higher color temperature manifests as a slight blue cast to the light, when compared to the twisted fluorescent bulbs that were in BAT’s old work lights.

The old work lights are the gray instruments in the picture. The new work light is the red instrument. BAT replaced four scoops with four LED work lights. This was a long awaited upgrade. Don’t worry though, the scoops will go back into BAT’s lighting inventory, and will show up in a future production. (BAT tries never to waste anything.)

BAT’s set designer says he likes the new lights because they make it easier to mix paint colors and to see to build. More light is also safer, always one of BAT’s concerns.

How could BAT buy new work lights? The answer is simple. You, a BAT donor, stepped forward and made a donation. Equipment upgrades are a good example of the things your donations makes possible. Without BAT donors nothing would improve.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

There is still time to donated again, or for the first time this season, before the end of the year! Donate HERE (at BAT’s secure online donation page).

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