In the wings

Backstage again, I’m backstage again.

I am not often backstage at BAT. I don’t really know why not. But for A Christmas Twist one of BAT’s wonderful stagehands was gone over Thanksgiving weekend. She saw her family, and I worked backstage.

Get tickets to see A Christmas Twist HERE, before it is gone forever. The last performance is December 20, 2016.

So, what is it like back there?Twist web art

First, there is a lot of waiting. We listen to the show, and go over what we have to do next. Then, the cue line is said, or the lights go out on stage, and we rush out onto stage to move furniture or rotate a wall or whatever. We try to do the moves in the fewest motions possible. The less time on stage, the better!

If done correctly, the show flows smoothly and the audience does not notice that you have been on stage. Like so much of the tech and running crew’s work, the goal is to move the show forward without stealing the limelight.

Stagehands are central to making a show work. Without them set pieces would not move quickly. Actors can do the work, but they have to change costumes or get ready for their next entrance.

Backstage you also get to listen to the crowd. Do they laugh or are they quite. What is the energy that night? After a few shows you come to know the lines and can play along with the cast. Often too there are backstage jokes. Odd things that happen most every night.

I have had fun and I almost hate to see it end, but that was the deal with I agreed to fill in.

Being a stage hand is great fun, and it is something BAT often needs. If you would like to give it a try, let us know. (The commitment is to be back stage during tech week and for every show in the run.)

At BAT there are countless people who pitch in to make better live theater possible. Be it the donor (really, be it $2 or $2,000, donors make theater possible), the designers, builders, painters, ticket office, front office, concession people, or BAT’s bar tenders, so many people you may not see at a performance all working to improve your theater experience. Thanks to all of them, and thanks to you too!

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