Two directors – In the Next Room

Once again, Maggie Larrick and Rochelle Flynn are directing together at BAT. Two directors may seem odd at first, but Maggie and Rochelle make a great team. I often say they think so much alike, that it scares me.

Maggie and Rochelle are teaming up to direct the love story of BAT’s season, In the Next urlRoom, or the vibrator play. TICKETS This is a sweet love story that explores social norms at the dawn of the electric age.

Both Maggie and Rochelle are fine directors in their own right. However, they enjoy the experience of co-directing. This will be the third time these two marvels have teamed up together to provide better live theater at BAT.

Is it insanity to have two directors for a show? Don’t they disagree and put the actors in the middle? In this case, the answer is no and no. When Maggie and Rochelle team up, all that happens is the show gets tighter and better.

As the two directors explained at the first reading of the script, the actors will never see the two disagree. All of that is worked out before, or if necessary after, the rehearsal. As I mentioned, Maggie and Rochelle are almost always of one mind.

No small testament to their ability to work together is that a number of actors who Maggie and Rochelle had directed before came out to auditions for In the Next Room, or the vibrator play. Two actors who have been directed by the Maggie and Rochelle team before were cast in this production. The actors’ support and willingness to go through the rehearsal process with two directors for a seconds time, I take as proof that Maggie and Rochelle are wonderful directorial team.

I have sat in on a couple of rehearsals, and this In the Next Room, or the vibrator play is well on its way to greatness. In the Next Room, or the vibrator play opens on February 12, 2016. There is a free opening night party, and tons of special ticket deals on Valentine’s Day weekend. Come see what two directors can do with this the Pulitzer Prize nominated script. Get your tickets now.

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