First read through of The Letters

At the first read through of The Letters by John W. Lowell. This is the fist time the actors topsyevahptread the play together. Today we also had a designer meeting before the read through.

This design meeting was fairly high level: colors, feeling, sense of direction. Drawings and the like will come down the road.

The Letters is a very tight play, in many ways. It is a two actor show. A man and woman. In an office. What happens in there is magical. It is a cat and mouse game, where it is not clear who is the cat and who is the mouse.

The first read through is a little like the first day of school. There is such excitement in the air. This show could be anything at this point. As the reading happens, the first round of choices are being made. Each choice cuts off another choice. By the time the show opens on April 8, The Letters will be a very particular show. Today, not so much.

bat-logo-banner-trans-940x198.pngThe script brings with it certain feelings and needs. But if you had 10 people read the script out loud, you would hear 10 different versions of the same story. Over the next 6 weeks or so, the director will accept certain actor choices and reject others. The director will also superimpose his vision on what the characters see and feel. A well done play is a collaboration of many talented people. The director is at the helm, but his is not the only vision you will see when The Letters opens.

If you were sitting next to me tonight, you would have been drawn into The Letters and you would have gone on the the pretty impressive ride that we all had. This script holds its own, even this early on.

It is not too early to get your tickets to The Letters. THE LETTERS TICKETS HERE

Yes, this first read through happened while BAT is just half way through the production of In the Next Room, or the vibrator play. In the Next Room and The Letters are two very different plays, but they both celebrate the art of theater and both are well worth the trip to BAT. Get your tickets to In the Next Room, or the vibrator play today – IN THE NEXT ROOM TICKETS HERE

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