Looking for In the Next Room

BAT gets lots of emails. We do what we can to answer them all as soon as possible. One bat-logo-banner-trans-940x198-300x63question BAT get over and over is, “Where can I find the scripts to your shows?”

Many are in manuscript and cannot be shared, some are musicals, that the publisher will not let BAT share, but many are also published plays. The latter BAT is making available to its patrons. The former can only be shared through spacial arrangement with the authors or publisher.

Last week BAT opened BALL, Burien Actors Lending Library. BALL is located in a room in BumbershootStoreFrontBumbershoot Books in Burien. Bumbershoot Books (review) is located on 152nd in downtown Burien. The books in BALL. One of the purposes of BALL is to make you an expert, to allow you to enjoy BAT’s productions even more. Check out the books in BALL.

If you are one of those people who want to know what happens backstage, BALL has books on stagecraft. If you like to know about authors, BALL has biographies. If, like me, you like to read scripts, to see the words and hear them in your mind, there are scripts.

When it comes to In the Next Room, or the vibrator play, you can read the script before or after you see BAT’s production, which opens on February 14 (TICKETS). There are two copies of In the Next Room, or the vibrator play in BALL.

You can, of course, sit by Bumbershoot Book’s fireplace and read the script, or, and this is great fun, you can check the script out and read it at home, or at a local coffee shop; wherever you would like. When done, just return the script to BALL and the lending continues.

BAT will be adding more books and scripts over time. So stop by BALL often. (If you check out thios LINK you can see what’s available for lending and what is checked out.)

You’ll enjoy BAT even more if you go to BALL.

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