The Letters is a play for our time

An except of an interview with John W. Lowell:

BK: Why do you think a play about 1930’s Russia is still relevant to today?Letters-web-art

John W. Lowell: For one simple, disturbing reason: they did stuff like that; we still do stuff like that. the young sailor who’s in prison, Bradley Manning, is going
to become an unperson because he provided the material for Julian Assange and Wikileaks. For the rest of his life he will be behind bars because he shared information that may or may not have been “classified.” But what I find incredibly troubling is that he has no recourse. There will be no public trial; there will be no chance to have his day in court. And then there is Guantanamo Bay, filled with unpeople. In short, though, The Letters takes place in the soviet union, it is not about the soviet union. It is about what happened this morning and what may happen tomorrow.

This is definitely a show to see – Get your tickets now!

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