Thanks for the Season

BAT’s 36th season has come to a close. BAT has already begun work on its 37th, the Bat-logo-final-color2016-17, season. But before that adventure gets fully underway, BAT wants to thank its donors, volunteers, sponsors, and patrons, without whom BAT could not survive, much less flourish.

This has been an amazing season. BAT opened with The Addams Family the Musical. It was a smash hit. Full houses left singing and looking for Uncle Fester on the moon.

Next came A Christmas Twist, a comedy mashup of your Holiday favorites, with a little added adventure and characters. A crowd pleaser, to be sure.

Then a Victorian love story, In the Next Room, or the vibrator play. History, love, comedy, and vibrators. Who could ask for more? Although the vibrator was just a prop on which to hang the love story, BAT did hear from a few who chose not to come and see what the show was really about. Those who made it to the show heaped praise on BAT and made sizable donations during the run of the show!

Finally, the award-winning psychological thriller, The Letters. This cat and mouse game, with just two actors on stage the whole time, kept everyone on the edges of their seats until the very end. The script, actors and production values were amazing.

IMG_0673Now it is Summer. BAT has a showcase of new works written by its very own playwriting group, the Seattle Playwright Studio, and some sketch horror comedy from Turbo Turkey on tap. A few great weekends of theater, and some upgrades to BAT’s space, and then on to the Fall and yet another grand season of better live theater!

But to be frank, none of this would be possible without BAT’s marvelous donors, volunteers, sponsors, and patrons. Thank you, thank you, thank you all for being such an important part of BAT’s family!!! See you at a show!

PS There is still time to donate to BAT: DONATE HERE!

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  1. Lance says:

    We are so proud to continue to support BAT! Each year you stretch to present engaging, provocative, thoughtful, and fun presentations. With some of the best local talent in the Pacific Northwest you gather actors, playwrights, stage managers, set designers, and stage techs to form works that make us laugh, cry, and think.

    Thank you!

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