Badly battered bad bill bounces

Over the weekend BAT found this badly battered bill in its donation box. As you can see the bill has seen better days. But img_0946there is more to this battered bill than meets the eye.

If you have a damaged bill you an take it to a bank, and if there is enough of the bill there, the bank can replace the battered bill with a new bill. So, that is what BAT did with the battered bill.

However, not only is this bill badly battered and tattered, but it is a forgery. Yes, BAT was given a tattered forged bill as a donation.

I have never knowingly seen a forged bill before. However, after talking to the banker I now know much more about spotting a forged bill. There is a cloth stripe, watermarks, and ink that changes color in money. This battered bill had none of those things. Although the paper quality was quite good.

BAT's donation box

BAT’s donation box

I can only hope whomever put the fake bill in BAT’s donation box, mistook the box for a waste basket. However looking at BAT’s donation box, that seems unlikely.

Not wanting to be too harsh on whomever put the forged bill in BAT’s donation box, but there must be a special kind of bad Karma that follows giving forged money to a non-profit theater.

Next time you are at BAT, put some real money in the donation box, as I know good Karma follows that bit of kindness.

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  1. Ron G Crichton Jr says:

    Maybe, just maybe the person who gave the forgery didn’t know it wasn’t real too.

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