$100 a year

It is headed into donor season. BAT has a nice matching grant for the upcoming GiveBig (May 10, early giving begins April 27), and BAT will be asking for donations during the Bill & Peggy Hunt Playwrights Festival. BAT needs these donations to make it through the Summer, so BAT is still around for its 38th season. You can make your donation HERE.

A kind donor wanted to make a reoccurring donation to BAT. These are great. They help balance out the ups and downs that make up the income stream for BAT. (You can give weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually.)

Once the donation was made, BAT got notice of a donation for $100 a year now through 2029. BAT took that as quite as a vote of confidence! The donor was so sure BAT would still be producing better live theater in 12 years that he made a donation every year through 2029. This was unique. So, I gave the donor a call.

I told the donor that BAT loved the vote of confidence. He seemed confused. After a bit, it became clear that he intended a donation every month for a year, not once a year for a dozen years. We both had a good laugh.

After a few clicks on my part, things were fixed, and now BAT gets $100 every month for a year. Big BAT smile.

BAT is getting ready for Summer when we pay rent, insurance, update the theater, and pre-pay royalties for the upcoming season. All of that takes money. You make all of that possible. DONATE HERE.

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