A bit of bacon

Theater requires a great number of skills. It is always grand when you find someone

Top side of the bacon

who has the unique skill set you are looking for. Cyndi is one of those people. Cyndi is creating props for the Playwrights Festival – get your TICKETS HERE. She has help BAT many times before.

Here is a bit of her magic. Bacon! Yes, she created bacon out of felt and a Sharpe. Pictured are both sides, so you can see it is not real bacon.

Why create bacon? In this case, it will be on stage for three full weeks, and real bacon . . . well . . . not so nice after sitting out for

Back side of the bacon

two weeks of performances plus tech week.

While BAT cannot say this bacon tastes good, it sure looks great!

Come see the Bill & Peggy Hunt Playwrights Festival DETAILS HERE and catch a glimpse of Cyndi’s bacon.

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