Meet and greet at Foster

Met the full group at the Foster School of Business who will be working with BAT. Nice group of people.

There were a dozen folks in suits and me. While I believe this will be a very good experience, I can see there will be a little culture clash.

Young business students faced with the madness that is theater. We can put a show on for what they spend on coffee in a month. We are going the have a “site visit” soon. I can hardly wait to see they go through BAT’s office, a corner of the costume room.

I have already got to try to explain the business model of a nonprofit theater to people who are used to seeing the corpora ladder as a playground. The future leaders of corporate America looked puzzled by the idea that BAT’s shows do not cover our expenses and it is only because the kindness of people like you making a DONATION that BAT stays alive.

While this project is about BAT’s economic impact on Burien, I can see all of us will be learning something. (I am already learning the economic jargon. Let’s talk deliverables.)

At our next meeting, we’ll have more time to get to know each other. I am looking forward to this journey, and I already like the students that BAT will be working with.

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