The BAT strawberries dance again

If, over the years, you visited BAT a the Burien Wild Strawberry Festival (every year on Father’s Day Weekend), you must have seen BAT’s dancing strawberries. The Strawberry Festival is also where BAT announces its new season. BAT passes out flyers with the season and a chance to order your season tickets before the mad rush occurs.

One year, Burien Parks had a contest to see who’s booth best fit the theme of “strawberries.” It was a question of “strawberriness.” BAT was the winner by a wide margin. BAT’s dancing strawberries played no small part in the crushing victory. It is a testament to the size of BAT’s win that Burien Parks never brought back that contest.

BAT has been told many times that families have years of their children growing up documented through pictures of the kids in BAT’s dancing strawberries. It has become a happy tradition.

In the beginning, BAT used a Polaroid camera to take pictures and gave the photos to the BAT-fans. With the demise of Polaroid, and film getting to be $3 per photo, combined with the rise of camera phones and digital cameras, BAT went to having people use their own phones or cameras to take as many pictures as they like.

For over 10 years, having your picture taken in BAT’s dancing strawberries was as big a part of the Burien Wild Strawberry Festival as having some strawberry shortcake.

Right after last year’s Strawberry Festival disaster struck. On the way back to storage, the dancing strawberries broke. Oh, the carnage. There was strawberry juice (jam?) everywhere. (Okay, that last part is not true.)

Triage was not possible.

So, this year, BAT has new and even more dazzling dancing strawberries. A very special hat-tip goes to Stevie VanBronkhorst, BAT’s amazing graphic designer, and creator of BAT’s first dancing strawberries, for her work in creating BAT’s new dancing strawberries.

Don’t miss Burien’s Wild Strawberry Festival this weekend. Come over to BAT’s booth and get your picture taken in BAT’s new dancing strawberries! Don’t forget to check out BAT’s amazing 2017-18 season while you’re there, too!

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