BAT chills

BAT’s old refer

BAT’s office has a refrigerator. It was there for many years. Originally, it was a gift to BAT. (This how small theater works, and the community support gives BAT a warm feeling.)

BAT’s refer finally died. The freezer would no longer freeze. The ice BAT would put in for the weekend would stay cool, but melt to the point where chipped ice became block ice with some runoff. Interesting, but hard to keep enough ice for a weekend full of shows.

The refrigerator part of the refer would work, just not well.

So, BAT put the call out. Help BAT chill! And offers came in. BAT settled on the offer from John H.

BAT’s new refer. Thanks John H.

Today I moved two refrigerators, and BAT has a shiny“new” refrigerator! As I type, the refer is chillin’ and BAT is smilin’.

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  1. Lance Bowman says:

    Thank you, John H!

    You da man!

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