Sitting in an empty theater

BAT is volunteer driven. So when we are here we are typically doing something. It is rare that I get to sit in our empty theater.

BAT has just 94 seats, and those seats move. So even on the rare time I am at the theater

Tech rehearsal for Ben Butler, sans costumes.
Photo by Craig Orsinger

waiting, I cannot just sit in the seats and look at a set.

Today, I got that chance. I am sitting in the top row looking out at the Ben Butler set. It is all but done, as we head toward opening night on September 29th. TICKETS

Looking at another great set, I have a chance to pause and think about how far BAT has come. We are in a renascence.

Over the last 10 years or so, BAT has stepped up its game many times. Just look at these pictures. This season is a great example, three Northwest premieres, and all four shows will hold you spellbound and make you laugh. An amazing combination. Plus, BAT is drawing the cream of actors, and our creative team is above outstanding.

But what makes just sitting in an empty theater so special is that the space is hallow. Theater, they say, is the second oldest profession. I think it is likely the first.

When the house lights go down, you are taken to places beyond yourself. You see other worlds, through other eyes. You become one with something that is not just you.

Not all theater should make you think. But if you are not touched somehow, that production has failed. To laugh, to cry, to escape, to wonder that is why there is theater.

As I sat in BAT’s empty theater, I was at peace. Part of something bigger than my life.

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