The genius of Cyndi

Cyndi is BAT’s props goddess on Ben Butler. Here is just one example of the detail Cyndi

Fireplace on Ben Butler set

puts into her work.

On stage, there is a fireplace and “gas” lamps on either side of the chimney. The play takes place on May 23-24, 1861, the very early days of the Civil War.

On the mantle of the fireplace there are matches, as one might expect in real life, but a detail that might be missed on stage. But then, here is the genius that is Cyndi, next to the matches there is an ashtray. In the ashtray, there are used matches. (Amazing.)

While it highly unlikely anyone in the audience will see these burnt matches, they are there for the actors,

Used matches in the ash tray

to help keep them present in Ben Butler’s office on a May day in 1861.

This is the kind of work BAT patrons have come to expect, and the kind of work BAT, with the help of its creative team, including Cyndi, routinely produce.

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