Ben Butler reviews to date

Here are the reviews for Ben Butler to date:

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“I highly recommend seeing this story about two men from completely different walks of

life, who find a similarity between each other in a world where neither has to consider the other.”

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“Ben Butler is a timely play as we navigate, on a local and national level, the idea of us vs. them. We are, as it turns out, all part of the human race. We are all a part of the same community, on both a local and national level.

The BAT production of Ben Butler is wonderfully done. It both provokes thought and thoroughly entertains. The talent is top notch and is well worth taking the time to enjoy!”


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“The main characters are dynamic and complex – and the perfect pair to take viewers on a thoughtful journey, using word play and comedy to open the door for discussion of race and politics in the U.S.

The timing of this production is particularly poignant for Burien – and the rest of the country – telling a story that explores the plight of those seeking refuge and sanctuary – and for a look at the ability to be open-minded and forward thinking.”

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