The Christmas Carol Rag – 2017

In this delightfully irreverent musical take on the Dickens classic, Ebenezer Scrooge has been recast as an embittered woman named Evelyn and moved to 1911 New York City. Evelyn runs her New York City sweatshop with an iron fist, but slowly opens her heart when visited by a Yiddish-spouting Ghost of Christmas Past and a gospel-wailing Ghost of Christmas Present.

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The Westside Seattle (Highline Times) review

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“Regardless of the gender of story’s central miser and the quirkiness of the ghosts, the takeaway is no different. Scrooge has to reexamine her choices and move into a brighter future – one where she gets into the Christmas spirit instead of foregoing the holiday to spend more time at the office. ”



The Burien Culture Hub review

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“All in all, I highly recommend keeping up our holiday traditions by doing something slightly non-traditional. Norman Allen’s vision of A Christmas Carol offers a slightly different perspective of the classic but cautionary tail of getting too wrapped up in ones own ambitions and the tear littered paths we leave behind when we care for nothing but profits.”




The B-town Blog review

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“The Christmas Carol Rag is successful in getting the audience into the warm feeling of the holiday season.”






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