A bit of kindness

BAT shares its space with a youth theater education organization. Typically, there are no problems with that relationship, however, it does means that BAT must move its seats out of the way for their rehearsals. This does required a bit of work on BAT’s part.

Last Friday, one of the moms in the hallway, waiting for the child to get out of class, offered to help me reset the seats. The seats are on risers and although they roll, the work is much easier with a couple of sets of hands.

Not only did she help set up the seats, but she volunteered to vacuum both the seats and BAT’s concessions room.

While it took her about 30 minutes, it meant the world to BAT. With her help, BAT was up and ready when the first of the audience showed up.

Her bit of kindness made BAT’s day. Thank you.

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