BALL in boxes

BALL, Burien Actors Lending Library, is temporarily closed. In fact, it is in five boxes.

After living in Bumbershoot Books for years, BALL is moving. Sadly, Bumbershoot Books permanently closing on December 31, 2017. It was a great host BALL, and Bumbershoot Books will be missed.

Very soon, BALL will be moving to Phoenix Tea located at 447 SW 152nd St, Burien. BAT and BALL are very excited about the move. Read a script or theater book and enjoy some great tea. Sounds like a perfect fit.

Before BALL can reopen, BAT has to re-label all of the books and scripts with the new address. But there is good news, BAT has more than 100 new books to add to BALL. In its new home, BALL will be even more of the resource!

BALL is coming soon to a tea shop near you!

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